Refund Policy

Is It Possible To Get a Refund? 
The only possible scenario you can ask for a refund is if we do not deliver your order 5 days after confirming your purchase. However, this must be in line with the delivery period agreed upon during purchase. If the agreed delivery period is longer than 5 days, the refund will also be possible if the above mentioned time has elapsed. Nonetheless, if your order has been processed with the agreed time, your refund can not be processed.

After completing my order, can I change my mind and cancel the order? 
We only give refunds if you have paid for a service and are yet to order. If your order is in the queue or processed, that means your order is being worked on; therefore, a refund request is not possible. 
Consumer protection is an extensive topic in the business world. With every business having its means of protecting consumer rights and ensuring consumer satisfaction, we as BuyPlays24 always aim for customer satisfaction. 
As a consumer rights activist, we often find ourselves in situations where customers request a refund. Keeping in line with our refund policy, the only scenario where we can offer refunds is if we do not deliver your order in the agreed time frame. 
However, if your order has been delivered promptly and its entirety, we will not process a refund. 
The most common question about refunds is always about changing your mind midway through the processing phase. Your order is already in being worked on, so a refund is not possible.

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